The two faces of a city
These photographs depict Berlin in winter. There are photographs of buildings and people in their every day activities on a winter background. The beauty of the city is apparent together with the sweet feeling of melancholy winter can bring. Descriptive photographs which expose the two faces of the city as this is expressed through the variety of buildings. Berlin is a city that combines two worlds and this is apparent here. East and West Germany are apparent here. Modern buildings and older ones co-exist in the city, reminding people of a recent past that is changing day by day. The two faces of Berlin that are disappearing day by day. The technique used in the photograph, was chosen to bring in mind the noise of a big city during a busy day. Photographs deafening and silent at the same time, as people do not seem to communicate with one another. Only the noise of the streets and the work constructions seem to be apparent. Part of the series New York, London, Berlin.