Black and white snapshots

Black and white portraits
Portraits of people in everyday situations. There is a variety of photos, depicting people of various age groups in various places. This series of photographs contains portraits shot in European capitals in different seasons. The fact that the people belong to different social groups, is one of the elements that have made these portraits so interesting. The atmosphere of the photos is also different, as the expressions of the people play the main part to the feeling the photograph creates. There are people looking at the lens in despair and melancholy, while others are full of optimism and hope for the future. There are people in their everyday life, walking in the street or at the metro stations and others just posing to the lens. The majority of the people depicted in the photographs, are people who are not acquainted with the photographer and they trusted him without really knowing him. This was the reason the series was named ‘Snapshots’. Finally, different seasons create a different feeling. Winter shots are more gloomy, while summer ones contain some of the optimism the season itself creates to the people. All these elements have created an interesting mixture of the aspects the human nature consists of.