London - Chinatown, early in the morning
Photographs that have been enlarged straight from the contacts. The films were in their protective gelatin cases when they were enlarged, so the existing dust, the scratches of the gelatin and the spots created by water and chemicals were not removed. This started as an experiment, as the artist wanted to see which of the photographs were worth printing in the future, but the final result was so interesting, he decided to keep them. The themes of the photographs depict scenes from everyday life, shot early in the morning in London Chinatown. People have just started work. There are people in the streets performing their daily tasks. The photographs combine the realistic with the artistic and the experimental. Everyday life is transformed and viewed under a different, new perspective, which is surprisingly interesting. Time seems to have elapsed. There is no clear definition of the period of time these photographs were shot. The contemporary and the old have suddenly become one through the camera’s lens and the photographer’s perspective.