Milano B&W

Street photographs in black and white
Photographs shot in three different locations in Milano. This series of photos was taken in three different streets at the center of the city, close to ‘La Scala’ and they manage to convey the real feeling and atmosphere of the city. The magnitude of the buildings is dominantly present and this was the main reason that provoked the photographer to make this series of photos. The buildings are so big that the people seem very small and unimportant in front of them. They represent the permanent in contrast to the mortal nature of the man. Buildings that were made to last in time and create awe to the people that notice them. On the other hand there are the people passing in front of them, totally absorbed in their life, unaware of the futility of human life. No one seems to notice the buildings or their surroundings. No one stops to think about the meaning of life and the role we have in this world.